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Virtual Tours in Healthcare

We live in an age of accessibility and the proliferation of mobile devices and “apps” has helped us manage even the most basic tasks. One of our goals at 360City is to add to that accessibility and become an aberration among virtual tour companies. Still an incipient project, our eyes have been set on creating a virtual tour database within the health care industry to provide patients with quick access to information on health care facilities around the world.

Virtual Tour for Howard Payne University

The opportunity

Our team recently pitched an idea to the HPU marketing team and we have listed several key reasons why it would benefit a college campus. Check it out and tell us what you think of 360 City moving towards creating more virtual tours for college campuses. 

Benefits of a Virtual Tour

Benefits Of Virtual Tours And The Trend To Start Using Them

There are quite a good number of advantages of using a virtual tour for your real estate business, and one of the enormous benefits is when a buyer develops a good first impression from the tour, they are more likely to ‘front’ an offer once they have seen the house in person.

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