Virtual Tour for Howard Payne University

The opportunity

Our team recently pitched an idea to the HPU marketing team and we have listed several key reasons why it would benefit a college campus. Check it out and tell us what you think of 360 City moving towards creating more virtual tours for college campuses. 

"Recruiting students is a constant challenge for universities. Prospective students know that their future success depends on making a good decision about what university to attend, and can be quite picky. Of course, they can afford to be picky, when universities nationwide are actively competing for their interest and enrollment. In this environment, it’s important to present your best face to prospective students.

Your prospective students are most likely to find out about Howard Payne University from an online search, and what they can find online will influence whether they are interested in finding out more. This is why it is imperative that what they find online looks fantastic and gives them a feel for what their experience will be as a student at Howard Payne University.

To connect with prospective students and turn them into enrolled students, you need to answer their questions at their first online interaction with the school. Prospective students want to know if their desired major is offered here. They want to know how much tuition costs and whether they will be able to get financial aid. They also want to know what their life will be like – where they will live, what buildings they will be walking through every day, and what their home for the next 4 years is going to look and feel like. It is easy to tell students what classes they will take and how much it will cost. Where many colleges fall short is making them feel connected to the campus."

The solution: 360 virtual tours

The solution is interactive 360-degree photography tours. Cutting-edge photographic technology allows 360City to photograph locations from every angle, using a spherical camera set up in the middle of the room. Prospective students can pan around the rooms where they will be living, eating, and attending classes, experiencing it as if they were actually there. With our interactive tours, they can click through to other views from each location, replicating the experience of walking around campus. By controlling their own virtual tour they will be able to explore the campus and discover it for themselves as if they were really here. A 360-degree photography tour will give prospective students a great experience exploring Howard Payne University. Our virtual tours are accessible on computers, tablets, and cell phones. High-tech, attractively designed virtual tours will give students a sensory experience that will translate into campus visits and enrollment.

Our virtual tours at 360City feature many elements that complement Howard Payne University’s marketing goals, including:

·      Videos, photos, and maps

·      Logos

·      Interactive platforms

·      HD quality

·      Embeddable links for easy sharing

At 360City, we firmly believe that our virtual tours can attract prospective students and get them to put Howard Payne University at the top of their list of colleges. We are confident that we can help increase enrollment and help Howard Payne University meet its growth goals.

Why 360City?

Our team includes several Howard Payne alumni, so we have a special fondness for and connection to this school. Our team can photograph the campus to its best advantage, focusing on its best aspects and the features that will be most certain to attract prospective students. We naturally are committed to presenting our team members’ alma mater to its best advantage, and we feel that the positivity we have toward Howard Payne University will translate into a more effective virtual tour than a competitor who does not have the background we have.

360City is a company started by a group of college friends who saw the need for high quality virtual tours and the benefit these tours can provide to businesses and organizations. We provide high quality 360 tours at an affordable price. One of our long-term goals is to create a systematic virtual tour database of cities around the world to help online consumers connect to small businesses. It is our hope that we can include Howard Payne University in this database.

In terms of quality, our virtual tours speak for themselves. The beautiful quality of our HD photography has already yielded positive results for businesses in Texas, Colorado, and even Vietnam. As a startup company, our team members are all Renaissance Men (and women), competent in all aspects of the virtual marketing business from photography, to web development, to advertising and sales.

As a company committed to meeting our clients’ needs, we are happy to refer clients to our competitors when we feel that another company can do a better job than we can. The two other companies that would be likely to provide the services Howard Payne University needs are and is a larger company than we are, and they also offer high quality virtual tours. However, at $6750+ for their product and service, they are far more expensive than we are. is a company that specializes in virtual tours for college campuses, including photos, videos, and virtual walk-throughs. They require a consultation for their pricing plan. We feel that we can meet the needs of Howard Payne University with quality that rivals our competitors, and with lower prices that fit better into the university’s budget."