Virtual Tours in Healthcare

We live in an age of accessibility and the proliferation of mobile devices and “apps” has helped us manage even the most basic tasks. One of our goals at 360City is to add to that accessibility and become an aberration among virtual tour companies. Still an incipient project, our eyes have been set on creating a virtual tour database within the health care industry to provide patients with quick access to information on health care facilities around the world.

One of our first projects was to provide The Heartbeat Clinic with a virtual tour catered to their patients' need. The clinic, operated by Dr. Amer Suleman, is located in Dallas, Denton, and McKinney. With three distinct locations, it can be confusing to new patients, and the best way to provide more information to each of these facilities was to create a virtual tour for all locations. Some of the details we looked at were the following:

  • Easy navigation for non-tech users
  • Detailed photography to give overall tour an optimistic appeal
  • Easy access to information regarding test procedures, treatments, and facilities

Below is a sample of The Heartbeat Clinic. Let us know what you think by commenting below.