Q: What is so unique about our tours?

A:  Our tours are built with flash technology, along with HTML and Java Script making it possible to view the tours on desktops and mobile devices The tours also allow you to move from room to room to provide you with a direct interaction.

Q: How long does it take to create a virtual tour?

A: Since our goal is to provide the best quality at the most affordable price, it will take us an average of 7 hours to finish a virtual tour. 

Q: Can I own the license to the tours?

A:  Our practice is to provide you with a service and an affordable product so we recommend a monthly subscription.  Of course, our clients have the option to purchase the tours, but it will be at a premium price.

Q: Do you only host it on your server, or can we have the tours on ours?

A: We recommend that the tours be hosted on our private server, as the tours will be constantly updated for newer versions. Tours that are not on our server will not be updated, and there will be a small fee to manually update the tours.  Our subscribers will have nothing to worry about, as there tours will be hosted on our private server.

Q: Can we add more rooms to our current tours?

A: Yes, all of our subscribers are able to add additional rooms.

Q: Can we pay for a full year?

A Yes, in fact, we offer a 10% discount for subscribers who pay for the full year.